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Reaching within and beyond our immediate surroundings, GCI has developed an identity in the missions field. Impacting the lives of those in need in places around the world including; Haiti, South Africa, India and Brazil. We have served as emergency relief volunteers, direct donors and missions tour fiduciary in efforts achieve our mission abroad.

Also partnering with corporate and individual sponsors, we activate teams of willing volunteers to help make a difference everywhere. The Global Impact Initiative has become one of our hallmarks of distinction as we impact the world. 



Helping to impact a generation that will change the world is our focus for Youth Development Initiatives. Our aim is to keep youth mentally, physically and intellectually active through our leadership programs, fine arts camp, club, community partnerships and scholarship promotion.

These components are evolving to provide opportunities for youth to grow, excel and succeed in life. Our programs are available for youth ranging in ages 7 – 18. 


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Promoting a collaborative approach to personal development and community health The Empowerment Initiatives of GCI impact hundreds annually. Through strategic partnerships we offer health & wellness promotions, educational programming, empowerment summits.We endeavor to develop and create multiple dimensions of health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental. 




Wealth and financial management is paramount in creating sustainable communities. The Financial Fitness Initiatives that we offer are biblical based workshops, seminars and facilitated classes that provide practical strategies for creating financial legacy.

We espouse the value that “money can be earned, but wealth is transferred”. The programs offered in this area include: personal financial assessments, credit coaching, debt elimination, budgeting, and strategies for attaining personal financial success.